Private Investment – Offering You 6-12% Fixed Returns


At RC Developments Ltd, we are always looking for investors and joint venture partners. Whether bank beating returns or monthly cashflow, we will tailor your investment to make sure it’s the best fit for you. Whatever your expectation give us a call to discuss, we understand that everyone has different goals and making sure our goals our aligned is absolutely vital for each investment. For larger investments we will ensure for security purposes that assets will be underwritten to the value of the investment.

Why might you invest with RC Developments?


– You’re looking to make a great return on a short/medium term investment
– You want to invest in property, but don’t want the hassle of paperwork, builders, property maintenance, tenants etc.
– You’ve got money sat in the bank, equity in your house or cash in your pension that isn’t doing anything for you, and you would prefer for greater interest rates
– You’d like to invest but keep your funds liquid
– You want to make passive income
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Simple Fixed Return

  • £20,000 – £90,000

  • Low entry

  • Return 6% – 12%

  • Term 6 – 12 Months

  • Hands off and hassle free

  • Better returns on savings

Monthly Profit Return

  • £20,000 – £200,000

  • Low-mid entry

  • Fixed Monthly Payment

  • Term 6-24 Months

  • Hands off and hassle free

Fixed Return/Profit Split

  • £100,000 – £500,000

  • Mid entry

  • From 6% monthly or term

  • Term 12 – 36 months

  • Hands Free

  • 1st Charge and security


  • £250,000+

  • Mid-high entry

  • From 6-25%

  • Term dependent on project

  • Involved or hands off

  • Multipe exit strategies