RC Developments will make owning a property a stress free experience, helping you make ensure your investments are as hands off as you wanzt them to be. At a very basic level; We rent the property from you for 3 or more years and become your tenant. If needed, we bring the property up to the requirements of our customers – young professionals. We then rent the rooms on individual AST’s and take care of everything.

As we are your tenants you will only ever have to deal with us, we will take care of the property and other tenants. When renting a property there are of course lots of variables to consider.

Hands free Property Management

  • Yield from property without lifting a finger

  • No more dealing with poor tenants

  • Long term stress free investing

Guaranteed Rent

  • 3-5 Years Guaranteed Rent

  • Fully Decorated and Furnished

  • Fully Managed

  • Payments On Time Every Time

  • No voids

  • No fees

  • We will make improvements if needed to get the property up to our tenant’s standard.

  • We will return the property in its original condition when/if you want the property back.

Benefits of Property Management:

  • No lettings fees

  • Property refurb

  • Guaranteed rent

  • High Quality tenants – due to modernised property

  • Less legal problems

  • Shorter Periods of vacancy

  • Prepare the properties for rent – A property management company will know exactly what cosmetic improvements must be done to the units in order to maximise your revenue.

  • Determine the optimal rent rate – Setting the rent too high and it might take too long to find tenants, too low and you might be losing money every month. It is crucial to determine the right price and doing it requires knowledge of the local real estate market, data on similar units, and access to professional rental rate tools.

  • Longer term tenants